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Terry Bradshaw's Dining Guide to Shreveport

Learn some helpful tips from football's Terry Bradshaw on how to eat healthy meals in Shreveport.

Welcome Aggieze! Or should I say "HOWDYS??" I am glad you decided to make the short trip to lovely Shreveports to play my Loozeana Tech Fightin’ Bulldogs. We usually play in Ruston, but Shreveports is so much bigger and nicer we decided to be accommodation for you.

As you may know, I invented a diet recently. It’s great! If you eat certain things you don’t get fat. HAH! Take that, science. Anyway as such I will now try to share a little of my knowledge about food to help you have a wonderful stay in nice Shreveports.

BREAKFAST: if you are new to Loozeana, you must definitely try a beg-net. "What is a beg-net?" you may ask? Well, they’re great: it’s like a square donit, but it’s hollow in the middle! That means it contains very few calories because as you may or may not be aware of air does not contain calories. It’s genius! Those French sure knew how to cook fancy.

LUNCH: well you may be kinda busy with game or travel stuff so how about somewhere you can get in and out of quick? I would suggest to you a sandwich-type place because sandwiches are fast and you are generally allowed to eat them with your hands, ain’t that cool? Anuhway, we have sandwiches called "po-boys" in Loozeana that are made with our many famous types of seafood. Po-boys are delicious and healthy because they were originally only sold to poor people, and poor people were not allowed to have much calories back in history. Neat fact, huh?

DINNER: this is everyone’s favorite meal AMIRITE? You get to dress up and go sit around other dressed-up people but in Shreveports it is not always necessary to dress up. Pretty laid-back, in my opinion. When dressing up you should always try to match your tie to your suit colors. And don’t wear a suit with an overly-complexicated pattern on it because then it becomes more harder to match to your tie. I usually do dress up when I go out for dinner because I like to dress up, especially in suits.

Well, I hope this simple tips has helped you plan your trip to wonderful Shreveports. And good luck Aggieze because you’re gonna need it against my DAWGS! HAH! I KNOW Tech's still got a chance of winning, even if it's pretty small!