By the Numbers: Arkansas

Wesley Hitt

It was rainy, it was ugly, and the tackling was shameful. But we won.

We've had some time now to process the 12-point win in Fayetteville. We've seen the highlights and had our initial reactions. Now let's play with some numbers.

1/1 100.0%. FIELD GOALS. Sumlin made the switch to Lambo at kicker and he performed admirably in the inclement weather, nailing a 39-yarder near the end of the first half and hitting all six extra points. No hair status available yet.

2. The man. Deshazor Everett has now scored a defensive touchdown in two consecutive games. I'm sure that's happened before for us ('90s maybe?) but it's still exciting to know we've got a guy out there at safety capable of putting together a serious highlight reel every week. We were +2 on turnovers on the night.

3. Trey/Tra. This duo was lethal as a changeup from Malena's patient, technical running game. Carson was lining up and plowing over Razorbacks at will, and Williams would get the ball on the next play and gash the defense as they were just a split second too hesitant. This offense can seemingly do whatever it wants based on opponent and scheme.

4. Players with 40+ yards rushing. The second half was about Sumlin imposing his will and it was enough to preserve the win combined with a couple of opportune takeaways.

5. FLAG BREAKDOWN. The Ags had 5 penalties for 45 yards, with the offensive line having a much cleaner game than they did against SMU. Arkansas, on the other hand, only had 5 TOTAL YARDS in penalties in the entire game. Sure.


6. YPC. The team averaged exactly six yards per carry on 44 rushing attempts. That third quarter was a clinic on punching someone in the teeth.

7. Consecutive games in which we've scored 40 or more points. The last team to hold us under 40 was the 2012 national champion Alabama team.

8. Tackles by Darian Claiborne before he came out of the game with a thigh injury. It's nice to have a middle linebacker lead the team in tackles, although it may just be because no one else is able to tackle. Hope he can get healthy with the bye week.

116. Receiving yards for Mike Evans. Another couple of touchdowns. AND HE WAS HURT. This bye week is perfect timing.

138. Receiving yards per game for Evans.

691. Receiving yards on the season for Evans.

Mike Evans is pretty good, y'all. Enjoy the bye and get ready for Ole Miss week.

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