Johnny's schedule for his pro day


My friend just sent me this, I thought it was interesting.

Cyrus Gray's redass bonfire tattoo


Former Aggie running back Cyrus Gray tweeted this photo on Saturday of his tattoo remembering the 1999 Aggie Bonfire tragedy. This is the definition of good bull.

Johnny has Oregon shoes!


Johnny Manziel posted a photo on his Instagram account of some custom green Nikes with an Oregon Ducks logo on 'em. They also have "Johnny Football" and an aTm logo embroidered on the inside of the tongue.

The only logical conclusion is that Johnny is ashamed of being an Aggie and wishes he had gone to Oregon. Commence your indignation!

Click here for a larger version.

A&M commemorates Kyle Field spider with special helmet


On Tuesday afternoon, the internet was set ablaze by what appeared to be a giant spider attacking Kyle Field. Some claim it was a normal-sized spider on the camera lens, but that has not been confirmed.

To commemorate the occasion, Texas A&M has developed this helmet to be worn in spring practice.

Johnny Manziel's New Signature


Per the terms in Johnny Manziel's new contract with Nike, he had to make a slight modification to his signature.

Nick Saban: True Detective


"What is time? Ten seconds don't matter in the big picture. How many times you gonna drive down that field in 10 seconds? One? A Hundred? It's all the same."

Quidditch at Kyle Field!


The Texas A&M quidditch team is currently undefeated, and a team of such quality deserves to play somewhere nicer than the Penberthy intramural fields, amirite?

Click here for a larger version.

A&M uniform concepts are fun!


Spring football is back, and it's never too soon to speculate on 2014 uniforms. Admittedly, a uniform with a chrome facemask, black numbers, a giant Texas on the chest, "YESSIR"s on the pants and shoulders and a sublimated campus map on the pants and base layer probably won't make the final cut. But hey, we're having fun here, no?

Click here for the high-res version.



Charlie Strong pulling up to a recruit's house

TAMU Engineering and Jeff Gordon - Complete Paint Scheme


Thanks to this tweet from Shane Hinckley, we have a complete view of the TAMU Engineering paint scheme that Jeff Gordon will be running in the Duck Commander 500 this April. Thoughts?

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