The 2013 "Herbie" Awards (With notable omissions!)


Mr. Herbstreit exposes his hatred for our beloved Aggie(s) or he is simply following orders handed down from "upper management", aka Craig James, the "Texas Hooker Strangler". Either way, Mike Evans not even getting a nod is a little dis-concerning, but hey - awards are won in the post not preseason, AMIRITE?!

Full 2014 SEC Football Schedule


Full schedule available on that link, and below is the 2014 A&M SEC schedule: Aug. 28 - at South Carolina Sept. 27 - vs. Arkansas (Dallas) Oct. 4 - at Mississippi State Oct. 11 - OLE MISS Oct. 18 - at Alabama Nov. 8 - at Auburn Nov. 15 - MISSOURI Nov. 27 - LSU

Thanksgiving vs. LSU, opener vs. S. Car in 2014


According to "sources," Thanksgiving football will return to Kyle Field in 2014 as the Ags take on LSU. WHOOP!

Meanwhile, on The Longhorn Network...

UPDATE: Per Billy Liucci on Twitter, A&M will also open the 2014 season with a Thursday night game in Columbia, South Carolina.

Kyle Allen now the #1 ranked QB in the Country


Looks like Kyle Allen got the bump we all hoped for. He's now a 5 star, and is the #1 ranked QB in the country (#9 overall). The future is bright.

Goodbye G. Rollie White


Today G. Rollie White comes down. The Kyle Field development team set up a construction cam recently which today shows bulldozers ready to tear it down. The 12th Man Foundation also posted an article on the history of the coliseum. While we're all very excited about the redevelopment of Kyle Field and the impact that will have on our university, it's sad to see a piece of Aggie history go.

It'll take more than a cooked up scandal


If you think you can, do...otherwise, shut up.

The Martyrdom of Johnny Football


Click here for the Full Sized Image

Congratulations to the following people who have proven that America is a society that loves to build up its heros & celebrities - nay - CORONATE THEM... but if there is one thing we Americans love more than that, it's tearing them back down as quickly as possible.

The following people are incorporated into this painting as a list of shame: (can you find them all?)

Bama Fan
Gregor Clegane
Colin Cowherd
Mark Emmert
Paul Finebaum
Johnny Manziel
Mark May
Darren Rovell
Joe Schad
Mike Slive
Drew Tieman
Jameis Winston

Uniform talk is super-gray


You've seen Tennessee's slate gray uniform, and you've seen my mock-up of the A&M version. But if A&M's gonna go dark gray, THIS is what needs to happen.

Props go to TexAgs' Eagle78 for the original idea on this one.

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