A modern day carpetbagger, cuppycup is a northerner by birth and an Aggie by destiny. Cloaked in maroon and white, he lives in the shadows of Kyle Field. His first Texas A&M football game was the 1986 Cotton Bowl where the Fightin’ Texas Aggies repeatedly stuffed Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson at the goal line en route to a 36-16 victory. He thought it was awesome that Aggies said “hell” in unison. Cup has an abundance of literary accomplishments that will serve him well as a member of this staff. It would take too much space to list them all but highlights include writing for a high school newspaper, winning a poetry contest in 6th grade, and inserting “This page is intentionally left blank” notices into technical manuals. cuppycup has been fine-tuning his snark since his mommy opened a Prodigy account for him in 1990. He built his first website in 1994 which featured a prominently beveled logo. cuppycup has been a regular poster on TexAgs since 2006 who started gratuitously posting animated gifs during realignment last year. He attributes his popularity to the rubber stamp tool in Fireworks which is a version of Photoshop for idiots.


Aggie Football tweets of the week


The best tweets this week from Aggie players and coaches.

4-star defensive lineman commits to the Aggies


This is another big defensive pickup for 2015 by Kevin Sumlin, Terry Price, and the Aggies.

Ketchum's dangerous trolling


Without any fact-checking, Geoff Ketchum names a Texas A&M student-athlete in association with a reported crime.

TWC and Bright House Networks to carry SEC Network


This is more good news for fans of the SEC.

OU Superfan Jim Ross calls the 2013 Cotton Bowl (via TexAgs)


TexAgs speculates on why Bob Stoops is angry with the Aggies.

Top 10 Black Death tweets


Summer workouts are over! Let's review the best complaints about Larry Jackson's sled Fridays.


Charlie Strong Media Days Footage

Putting the 'C' back in Cookie.

GBH Challenge for the Chick-fil-A Bowl re-air


If you get Texas A&M voted near the top of the poll, we'll make a TAILGATE.

Gavin Stansbury leaves the football team


The hits keep coming for the shaky Aggie defense this offseason.

Aggie Football's Week in Tweets: Black Death Again


Recapping the last week in tweets from players, coaches, and other Aggie accounts.

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