Aggie Football Q&A with Brent Zwerneman

She's got legs, she knows how to use them.

We continue our summer Q&A sessions with Brent Zwerneman who covers Texas A&M for the Houston Chronicle and SA Express. Here's what he had to say about the 2014 season:

1) What game are you most looking forward to watching?

I know it’s an easy out to say South Carolina… but South Carolina. Another great first road trip in the SEC, the unknown of how much this defense has improved in the offseason … Whether it will be Kenny Hill or that other guy (kidding!) and so on. There’s always intrigue around an A&M opener, but this time (like two years ago against Florida) the intrigue is amplified.

(2) Which player will have the biggest impact on the season?

I’m going to roll with defensive end Myles Garrett on that one. It’s difficult to put that much pressure on a freshman, of course, but I spent an afternoon with Garrett and his exceptional coach at Arlington Martin, Bob Wager, and know at least a little about what the young man is made of. He’s ready to make a difference – and it can’t get any worse at end for the Aggies (fans should probably cross fingers at that last proclamation).

(3) What's your favorite tailgating food and/or drink?

Legs. (One of my best friends, Aggie Randal Matcek of Caldwell, vowed a decade ago when we were routinely sampling the bar circuit that he was going to bring back man’s affinity for nice legs. Because, you know, our Dads’ generation highly valued legs, and whatever happened to that?) Honestly, GBH, it’s a good question. Whatever happened to our Dads’ love of legs? Let’s bring back that appreciation.

(4) Call the QB starter: Kenny Hill or Kyle Allen?

I’m thinking Kenny Allen. Or perhaps Kyle Hill. Or maybe Kyler Allen if fans can be a bit patient. Honestly? My Monopoly money is on Kyle Allen, but then I lost Monopoly money two years ago when it was firmly on Jameill Showers.

(5) How many wins do you predict for the 2014 Aggies?

I use the highly scientific method of quickly marking Ws and Ls by the schedule upon quick glance and gut feeling, and usually come within a game or so that season. I was way wrong, however, in 2012, in picking 14-0. Not really. I believe I had those magical Aggies (11-2) at about 6-6 or optimistically 7-5. This year? 8-4 (perhaps a bit optimistic) sounds about right, and with a bowl win 9-4 would be quite an achievement for an awfully young (but talented) squad.

Thanks, Good Bull Hunting, and I grew up reading you (I’m starting to hear that more and more, and don’t quite know what to make of it). PS: Bring Back Legs!


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