Daily Bull 5.22.14

It's the off season. Here. Have some damn respite. - Ronald Martinez

You don't have to call me Waylon Jennings... And you don't have to call me Charlie Pride... And you don't have to call me Merle Haggard anymore... Or even though you're on my fightin' side... 14 weeks until the CARNAGE IN COLUMBIA, y'all.

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OH HATE BARNEY YOU LOOK GREAT. If you weren't on the internet yesterday (noble choice), a DRONE flew over the new Kyle Field and the footage is a damn treasure. Just picture what the home opener is going to look like in 2015. That's gonna be a scene, man.

SIR YESSIR. Coach plucked a local linebacker yesterday with the addition of A&M Consol linebacker Riley Garner. Looks like a nice, upstanding kid (qualities I generally loathe in a linebacker). Garner had offers from Arky, Colorado, and Utah among others.

HALLS OF FAME WHERE SPORT DIGNITARIES WEAR MONOCLES. Never been much on Hall of Fames (except for the Texas Hall of Fame RIP). College football has its next round of inductions later today. No Ags are up this year. Derrick Thomas is finally in this year after a nice college football season from the grave. This is how ridiculous Halls of Fame are - Thomas had a season with TWENTY SEVEN sacks at Alabama and is just now getting in - nearly 15 years after his tragic death. *Please. Anyone. Crack some jokes in the comments. This is off season "content" and we only have each other.*

THIS REMINDS ME - ARE WE STILL PAYING FRAN? Anytime you feel sorry for a college football coach's stress, pressure, and lifestyle, just know that Charlie Weis made more from just Notre Dame in 2012 than Brian Kelly. I'm actually curious - are we still paying Dennis?

***CALLS DOUG KEEGAN FROM BURNER PHONE*** The over/under on Ag wins for the 2014 football is 8.5. What say you?

Have a big Thursday, you guys. I hope your Memorial Day is full of exposives, friends, loud music, grilled meats, hooch, and merriment. I get to go to Randy Rogers at Red Rocks on Sunday which should be a time.

SCATTERED ALL THE WAY. John Oliver from The Daily Show fame absolutely dismantled General Motors recently. It's worth a watch on your lunch break.

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