A benefit for Sarah Bailey

via the the Eagle
This Wednesday, April 23 the Chicken Oil Company is hosting a benefit for Sarah Bailey, '11. On April 8, Sarah fainted in a local restaurant. Falling, she broke her neck. She still has no feeling from the neck down which appears to be the long-term prognosis. Her father has been quick to point out the grace by which she is still alive, a centimeter according to doctors.

She faces a tremendous fight of recovery. An FHK Bonfire Chair in '08, she is certifiably tough, and already exhibiting terrific resilience of spirit and the will to meet head on the task at hand.

She also brings good cheer. Without a second thought, she is quick with quips and one-liners, and always a smile. Despair, even a frown, have no room in her company. In this way, she has remained (as always) a great comfort to her friends and family.

While we all turn our thoughts to Sarah, hers return to her dogs, Australian Shepherds Faith and Hippo. An accomplished trainer, Sarah has groomed Faith not only for medal-winning agility and competition, but also for service to others. Hippo, still a young pup, has been showing promise as a worthy partner to Faith in skill and service. Count this pair as being among Sarah's most fervent and inspiring supporters.

Sarah is a proud and generous Aggie and community member. She gives selflessly of her time and talents to friend and stranger alike. Though nothing she has given has ever presented the opportunity for return, her friends (old and new) have already taken up her cause and ask you to join them.

via the facebook event
The benefit will be held Wednesday at Chicken Oil Company from 6-9 pm, featuring a performance by Dallas Shipp. There will also be a silent auction. Donations toward Sarah's medical expenses can be mailed to:

Central Baptist Church
1991 FM 158
College Station, TX 77808
(Per Central Baptist: please put "Benevolence SB" on the memo)

Benefit Concert
When: Wednesday, April 23 from 6-9 pm
Where: Chicken Oil Company, S. College Ave., Bryan, TX

Sarah, her family, and her friends thank you for your support. We hope you can join us Wednesday. Gig 'em.

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