Aggie Tickets Releases Video on 2014 Kyle Field Season Ticket Renewals

Bob Levey

On Friday night, Texas A&M and the 12th Man Foundation released the first video in a series discussing the changes coming to Kyle Field due to the ongoing renovation project.

A link to view the video is HERE from

Here are the key points from the video:

  • Three sides will undergo changes in 2014: the north, east, and brand new south endzone.
  • East side 1st deck sections will be numbered differently (from 141 in '13 to 25 in '14) and have 3000 fewer seats leading to a complete reseating. There will be fewer aisles and rows of seats on the 1st deck as well.
  • 1st deck east side seating will extend into the new southeast corner to make all current season ticket holders fit.
  • Due to the playing field being lowered 18 feet, 800 new armchair seats (6 rows) will be added to the north endzone.
  • The sight lines of north endzone row 32 (ADA seating) will be negatively impacted due to the field lowering. This row will be elevated to compensate and will become all wheelchair seating.
  • Section 116 and 133 will have new row numbers (increase by 2) but your physical seats will not be changed.
  • Sections 117, 118, 131, and 132 will have a reseating due to the seat quantity in each row changing.
  • For the new south endzone, the 1st level will be occupied by people moved from the east side 1st deck as well as 2000 visitor tickets (per SEC guidelines) and current students to round out their block of tickets.
  • The south endzone 2nd deck will have the same sight lines as the Zone Club and will be available to request on a one year basis to sample the seating options.
  • 16,000 tickets will be available to purchase for the 3rd level of the south endzone at a reduced price point.
  • The students will not lose one seat in 2014. 31,000 tickets will be available for students with a continuation of east side 1st deck seating along with all of the east side 2nd deck and 3rd deck.
  • Renewals will begin in early February.


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