SHSU Tailgate Playlist: What Does the Bearkat Say?

So, that was not exactly how we all expected to start the season. Thank God, the boys strapped up for the second half and put our B.A.S to rest for at least a little while. I will be a good Aggie, I will not regress to years of he who shall not be named


Hopefully the dulcet sounds of last weeks playlist helped everyone get in the mood for tailgating, or at least to pour a little purp in your cup and TURN UP! I'm back with another one and hopefully everyone enjoys it as much if not more than last week's.

I'm trying to highlight some of the local music from each opponent each week. This week who do we have.....aww dammit Sam Houston!?! Now I spent part of my undergrad in the SWAG capital of southeast Texas, and to put it simply it's not a thriving music scene. I know beloved Aggie Roger Creager spent some time down there, and Cody Johnson is a proud Bearkat, but College Station claims Roger and Cody Johnson will never appear on one of my playlists. Well here we go. I rummaged around the pines for awhile and found what I think should be your game day playlist be it at home or next to the sun in Aggieland this weekend. Come find me at the U Honk We Drink tailgate this week. Sweet jams guaranteed.

SHSU Game Week GBH

1.Bearcat Shuffle- Mary Lou Williams, Andy Kirk & His 12 Clouds of Joy

Though I could class it up a little bit with some big band to kick it off this week.

2. Bonnie and Clyde-Tricky

Fun fact, the pistol found in the Bonnie & Clyde death car resides in the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville. Working with slim material here.

3. Huntsville- Merle Haggard

Prison, this will be a reoccurring theme

4. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire -Queens of the Stone Age

OK, here we go. Just play this song as your entrance music everywhere you go

5. Back Home in Huntsville Again- Bobby Bare

Seriously there is not much going on out there

6. Bitter Rivals- Sleigh Bells

More loud rock

7. Huntsville- Scooter Brown Band

These guys are from Spring, TX, that's close to Huntsville right?

8. Bring the Noize- M.I.A

I just want the line 'Bring the noize when we run up on them' to be our defense's motto

9. The Villian- Old 97's

Media is making us one let's just embrace it

10. Gas Pedal- Sage the Gemini

@thacktor said he would twerk vigorously for his touchdown celebration, well here is song 1 for your celebration

11. Gasoline Dreams- Outkast

Outkast deserves to go on every playlist

12. Heaven Knows- The Shouting Matches

Lead Belly was in jail in Hunstville, so some blues belongs in here

13. Live For- The Weeknd & Drake


14. The Underdog- Spoon

This one is for Sam

15. This Place is a Prison- The Postal Service


16. Cashin' Out- Cash Out


17. Locked Up(Remix)- Akon


18. So Tomorrow- Official Secrets Act

I just really like this song and want more people to hear it

19. Morris Brown- Outkast

I love FTAB, but still am jealous that they will never be chosen to be a beat in a rap song

20. Elevators- Outkast

See #11

21. Express Yourself- Diplo and Nicky da B

@thacktor twerk round two

22. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik- Outkast

See #20

23. Welcome Home- Coheed and Cambria

This should be out entrance music, but only because I want the student section to do the chants at the end of the song

24. Goodnight Irene- Lead Belly

Our beloved closing song owes it to one of Shaw State Prison's most famous inmates.

Happy listening everybody!

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