Baylor's New Stadium Purchased by Texas A&M



Headline: A&M Acquires new Baylor Stadium, Ags to Big 12

Location: Waco, TX/USA - September 25, 2013 Organization: T.B. Sporting News

Baylor Stadium to A&M, Ags go to Big 12 (some of them)

(Waco, TX) In a fairly stunning turn of events it was confirmed today by McClennan County Commissioner, Lester Gibson that Baylor's new stadium along the Brazos River slated for a Fall 2014 unveiling, is actually going to be a part of the Texas A&M University System. After years of fundraising and planning, Baylor, which has apparently fielded a football team for at least the last seven years, has come to grips with some tough realities.

"Right now our game day fan base generally consists of homeless people we round up in Waco and surrounding areas that we pay to attend games, we also have a green tarp that is a highly integral part of our seating strategy", said Baylor University President, Ken Starr. He further stated that, " running some of the initial financials and consulting tarp experts across the country we are seeing that this new stadium would actually be a net loss for the university and potentially an embarrassment for the state of Texas."


[Baylor President, Ken Starr (above) and Baylor University were projected to lose $58 million dollars and up to 14 tarps on the new stadium.]

It was at this time that Starr approached Texas A&M University (TAMU) President Dr. Bowen Loftin and TAMU Athletic Director Eric Hyman about selling the stadium to TAMU. Loftin, Hyman and the TAMU Board of Regents were interested in purchasing the new stadium and fielding a redshirt freshman and burgeoning walk on team that would compete in the Big 12. Given the overwhelming abundance of talent that is funneling to TAMU through a comprehensive recruitment strategy that involves, "...offering a program with tradition, integrity, academic prowess, top rate facilities, a chance to play in the premier college football conference, and a Swaggercopter" as relayed by TAMU Football Director of Recruiting, Scott Johnston, "it has created a glut of talent that we simply do not have enough opportunities to get on the SEC field of play." Many believe it would make sense for A&M to have a "farm team" of sorts that could get their young talent some playing time before hitting the big stage at Kyle Field.

But, not everyone was enthusiastic about the idea.

There were some initial concerns from TAMU head coach Kevin Sumlin around the matter of his redshirts and walk-ons having to compete in the Big 12, "While I am grateful that Dr. Loftin and the Board of Regents are creating this unique opportunity for our 3 and 4 deep; I am deeply concerned that they will be losing an edge by not competing in our practices...for many of these student/athletes it will be a step down from running scout team looks for our first team." Sumlin's point is not invalid, as A&M's JV team is projected early to win the Big 12 Championship next year and each subsequent year they remain in the conference. It is not a leap to think their skills may get soft and deteriorate with continuous Big 12 play.

On the flip side, Big 12 coaches welcome the increased quality of players and competition to their league. "I think this gives our guys a chance to play top D-1 talent and possibly even set us up to lose by only two or three touchdowns in our bowl games instead of five or six", said OU head coach Bob Stoops. Even Mack Brown saw the bright side in having TAMU's B-team join the Big 12 , "I had the chance to build some great relationships with a lot of these guys that had formerly committed to Texas before going to TAMU and it will be great to chat with them before and after games to catch up and see how they are doing." UT Athletic Director, DeLoss Dodds was another happy camper in proclaiming, "I told you A&M would come back to the Big 12!".


[Texas A&M President, Dr. Bowen Loftin (above) seized the win/win opportunity, a trait he is becoming known for in College Station ]

Some within Baylor's university system had originally wanted to sell their new stadium to UT but a large number of high capacity Baylor alums felt that Texas was "too arrogant and burnt orangey". This coupled with the fact that any early interest Baylor had in selling the stadium to TAMU's rival was quickly put to rest when current Aggie freshman wide receiver and former top recruit Ricky Seals Jones stated that, "Texas is in a downward spiral and most of their recruits moving forward will be middle aged white dudes that pay top dollar to attend Mack Brown's Fantasy Camp for Adults during the summer months". It also happened that many of Baylor's wealthier alumni were actually attendees of the Fantasy Camp and did not feel comfortable with people finding out.

At the end of the day TAMU simply wanted to help their neighbors to the North. In what was seemingly a tough predicament for Baylor, having built a stadium for over 50,000 people who were never going to show up - the Bears on the Brazos were in a proverbial pickle. The looming disaster was further verified when Baylor Student Body President, Toddley McHuffington was confused by not only the fact that Baylor was building a stadium but the idea that they had a football team, "I am not sure what you mean when you say stadium? Is that going to be for our basketball team...because I know we had a really good player named Griffin something that took us to the NCAA's a few years ago.", McHuffington stated while looking at the reporter with a mix of emotional consternation and mental constipation.

The SEC has also blessed the stadium purchase as SEC Commissioner Mike Slive sees this as a potential solution for more trophy case space. The lack of trophy case space in current SEC stadiums for crystal footballs and Heisman trophies has plagued the conference for years and this acquisition could help with what has become a growing issue for the conference.

The bottom-line is that TAMU has stepped up to the plate as an institution willing to help their Texas brethren. All in all it will be good to see a presence from the Aggies as local rivalries are revitalized by this unforeseen but remarkable revelation.



About the author - T.B. resides in Dallas, which until a couple of years ago he thought was a mild weathered version of Houston but with crappier people and less strip clubs next to churches. He bought an Ed Hardy t-shirt in 2011 and has felt at home ever since. He aspires to one day own a car that has four matching hubcaps and make a living through hard hitting and insightful journalism from the world of college sports and amateur U.S. Women's Handball.

The author can be contacted at

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