SMU Mustangs vs. Texas A&M Aggies - GAMETHREAD

Scott Halleran

Today we shake off the hangover from last week, kick some Pony ass, and Remember the Five. Forever.

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Fall in Texas means 80 degrees for a 6 PM kickoff. Get out the fleeces!

I must concede - I was flat-lining a bit this week. The Alabama game took a lot out of me. It was just tough to get into my run-through-a-wall-for-coach-yessir mood. I needed to dig a bit for some hate. Well, good pals, a quick google image search yielded this and I am now ready to explode.




Ags, be kind to the dozen or so Ponies that come down from Dallas. Welcome them to your tailgates. They live off a steady diet of Ketel, benzos, and cocaine. However, if you see that smug cowboy above, kick him in the stones, lock him in a shed, and tell him ColoradoAg says hi. He'll know what it means.

Here's what I'm watching today:

  • Energy level. Last week was a physical and emotional grind. How do the men bounce back?
  • Defensive adjustments. I'm not looking for too much - simple things like positioning, filling lanes, and assignment football need to be shored up.
  • June Jones/Hal Mumme running the chutes air raid. Kevin Sumlin learned much of his schematic offensive ways from these two pioneers. The Aggie defense should be accustomed to the looks SMU's offense is going to give from going against Manziel and Co. in practice.
  • Happy trails, GG! It's reached a point where I almost feel bad for Garrett Gilbert. His entire college career has been a struggle and it has been particularly bad against A&M. He's a senior now and gets to travel to the Hate Barn. He's SMU's leading rusher on the season (not in a good way) and has only mustered one TD through the air. Get your licks in, Ags.
  • Time to unleash our pride of running back lions. Ideally, the Ags jump out to a big lead early with #2 and #13 doing their requisite yeomen's work. Thereafter, it sure would be swell if we could lean on an outmatched defense with a punishing ground game featuring Ben, Tra, and the Williams boys. Let 'em run, coach!
Here's your gamethread, kiddos. Go wild. Remember the Five and Gig 'em.
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