Daily Bull 9.20.13

Scott Halleran

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ACTUAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS. SBNation's Football Study Hall breaks down the A&M Offense's success against Bama's defense. Also, don't miss this excellent fan post by mattywatty01, where scouting the Aggies. It's amazing the success Coach Sumlin & Co. achieved. We have our own "PROCESS" here at A&M, it's called being awesome.

WHY IS LANE KIFFIN RECRUITING BASKETBALL PLAYERS? Wanna get mad? Well recent Top 100 Aggie basketball commit Alex Robinson acknowledged that other coaches are using Coach Kennedy's Parkinson's Disease as a negative recruiting pitch. Only Lane Kiffin would think of doing that...ok maybe Scott Drew as well.

NOW, THE BAD NEWS. It doesn't look like we will see Ricky Seals-Jones anymore this season. He gave it a go for a few plays against Bama, but reports are that the freshman wide receiver will take a medical redshirt for the rest of 2013. The article says that A&M is "considering" a medical redshirt for RSJ, but there is also this...

When I see a Passwaters tweet, I take it as pretty much gospel. Get well soon Ricky.

FRIDAY SOAPBOX. Real life has cut into my blogging time, so I'm going to take the opportunity on the Friday Daily Bull to sound off. I was at the game last week and I want to take this time to tip my hat to the 12th Man. Not only did they turn out in droves for what had to be the largest yell practice of all time, they had all three decks full of standing, yelling, crazed, towel waving students a full 20 minutes before kickoff. They brought the intro to life, swaying along to Kanye's "Power" , fully embracing the energy behind the program. It was truly a sight to behold. KEEP IT UP! It goes without saying that our defense needs your help. It's going to be rough at times, but don't get down on our boys. Embrace them!

Have a great Friday, Ags. Keep an eye out for stringsays' preview of the SMU game. If you don't make it to College Station tomorrow, follow the game with our gamethread tomorrow night.

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