HS Football Round-up Week 1 - The Highs and Lows

High School football is a roller coaster ride, but not the silky-smooth ride of one of those modern, sleek coasters that headline theme park's attraction list. If high school football was a coaster, it'd be an old, wooden, herky-jerky, go to the chiropractor the next day type of ride. That being said, the highs and lows of high school football are as real and raw as you can get. They're not photo-shopped, auto-tuned or over-produced. What you see is what you get.

Here's what we got in week one of our roller coaster ride.

The best video of the 2013 season may have already been shot. A&M Consolidated High School is my dad's alma mater. He went to Consol back in the early 1970s. In those days, Consol was the smallish, country school to the big city school of Bryan. My dad graduated with about 125 other Tigers from 3A Consol; now they've put a second high school in College Station. In his day, they traveled all the way to Spring and Brenham for district games. In fact, according to him, the biggest win for Consol during his time was a foggy homecoming upset over a highly ranked Brenham team featuring multiple All-Americans including Roosevelt Leaks who later went on to start at RB for tu (yes, my dad still refers to them as tu). He and my uncles all cut their teeth at Tiger Stadium before walking on with the Aggies.

Anyway, Copperas Cove just kicked a field goal to go up 3 with 1 second on the clock. Consol should be done; all the Bulldogs have to do is cover their kickoff and they leave town with a win. Sounds simple, right?

This video is for you, Dad; I know you'll enjoy it

Winning Play vs Copperas Cove (8.30.13) (via Tiger Film)

Half the teams lose each game.

After week one, you just want to be in the undefeated half instead of the winless half. Pro, college and high school - everyone looks unprepared week one. The only difference between the undefeated and winless after week one is who can overcome that under-preparedness and win. Our Aggies looked under-prepared for Saturday's match-up versus Rice. Were there a multitude of reasons why? Absolutely! (I'm not going to go into them here, as others have discussed them ad nauseam.) But they won. And when it comes down to it, THAT is what truly matters - DID YOU DO YOUR JOB WELL ENOUGH TO WIN? In high school football, there are many things you can control and many more you can't. You can prepare, practice, condition, watch video, scout, drill, etc. But when the money's on the line, you have to perform. Half the teams this weekend did just that and the other half is working hard today to correct their mistakes to get that first win this week.

Three results that surprised us this weekend:

1. Dallas Skyline proves to be too much for The Woodlands in Georgetown. This season opener was exciting from the opening kickoff - literally. Skyline pooch kicked the opening kickoff, but it was returned for an easy TD by The Woodlands. At one point, Skyline trailed 21-6 in the first quarter. The Raiders battled back though and eventually took the lead after intercepting a pass late in the fourth quarter. The biggest storyline of the night was the absence of A&M commit Cedric Collins from the Skyline roster.

2. Katy junior RB Rodney Anderson is very, very good. That's not entirely surprising, I know. But he and the rest of the Katy Tigers affirmed our confidence that they are indeed the team to beat in 5A this year. Anderson put up big numbers in the win over a struggling Klein team: 208 yards in 17 attempts rushing for 3 TDs and another 2 catches for 37 yards and a fourth TD. A&M has to feel good about getting his commitment wrapped up early.

3. Kyle Allen and his Desert Mountain Wolves get upset by Brophy Prep 13-6. Allen has a strong showing completing 26-40 passes for 256 yards and rushed for 57 yards and one TD, but threw a key INT in the 4th to seal the game.

My view from the press box this week:



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