How I imagine Johnny Manziel's reckless behavior will affect the Alabama game.

Ronald Martinez

Just before bedtime Friday night Aggies over the world will be saying their prayers in preparation for the Bama game. All Aggies that is, except for one. Isn’t it right to assume that Johnny Manziel isn’t taking this game seriously? I mean this is a kid who shows blatant disrespect for everything that is football. Don’t believe me? Just look at the events leading up to maybe the biggest game of his life.

First he leaves a party quietly as people throw beer cans at him. I mean why didn’t he pick up the empty cans and recycle them? That’s not being a good role model for kids. Then he oversleeps at the Manning Camp because his phone was dead. I mean shouldn’t he have asked his roommate to make sure he was awake? Shame on you, Johnny. The irresponsibility doesn’t stop there. Next he had the nerve to risk everything for his team by pointing to the scoreboard when they were beating Rice by 23 points. I mean, for God’s sake Johnny, it's Rice. How selfish are you? The final straw was last week when he took the time to high five a little kid on the sidelines before the game. How is it possible you have your entire team counting on you to have your head in the game and you are distracted? Get it together Johnny, this is Sam Houston we were trying to beat!

Add it all together and this irresponsible behavior clearly proves just how immature Johnny Manziel really is. Hasn't anyone told the 20 year old to stop acting like he's 20 years old? How can he expect to be a role model acting like this? I’m sure as hell not going to raise my kids to think it's okay to accidentally oversleep or walk away from a fight. Clearly Johnny isn’t a leader and he has shown that time and time again. So what can we expect September 14th? Can we expect him to stop acting his age and transform into a hero with honor? To be truthful, we can only expect Johnny to be Johnny and nothing else.

I can only imagine it’ll go something like this-

Friday at Midnight- Johnny sneaks out of the team hotel to take shots with Drake at Northgate. I mean he did fly all the way from Canada. Plus Johnny wants a picture of them cashin' out for his new twitter avi (priorities, people)

2:00am- Drunk Johnny heads to Fuego with Katherine Webb. Isn’t it only fair that she gets treated to a decent meal with a decent guy? I mean have you tried the queso and more importantly have you seen AJ McCarron’s chest tattoo?

4:00am- Johnny loses to Kirk Herbstreit in a heated game of Madden and in return has to hand over Katherine Webb.

9:00am- Johnny holds private autograph session back at the hotel. Mark May is refused entry after caught trying to sneak in wearing a Scooby Doo outfit. (Contrary to police reports he did not try to incite a riot)

11:00am- Obviously Johnny doesn’t have time for the team meeting. He is the team. So he heads to tailgate where he beats Lou Holtz at beer pong and flip cup. (I mean he is a winner right?)

2:30- Game time is finally here.

Can Johnny still be a leader and perform against a #1 Alabama after all his reckless, irresponsible behavior? I mean hasn’t the kid already proven to us he can’t win games by acting the way he does? Let's find out.

1st Quarter- Johnny puts up 45 points on Alabama in the first half only using his left hand (the right one's sore from the all the Madden, flip cup and cashin out)

2nd Quarter- Feeling slightly hung over Johnny decides its time for a nap and everyone can wait (I mean Kevin Sumlin can't control him right?) Following Johnny's orders the game is postponed for an entire quarter.

3rd Quarter- Now that he is awake, he's bored and decides he wants to play the rest of the game by himself. (ESPN has provn that everything is about him so honestly who needs the 10 other guys on the field)

4th Quarter- With the score 77-0 and Johnny being the only A&M player on the field he decides that enough is enough and points at the scoreboard in order to bench himself. Finally, he realizes that ESPN is right and it doesn’t matter how good he plays or how many games he wins, the only thing that matters is that he acts like Tim Tebow in order to be a leader.

Post Game- Johnny celebrates by popping bottles of champagne with Nick Saban’s daughter and AJ McCarron’s Mom, retires from college football, and buys out ESPN with all the money he earned from cashin out. As a result Mark May is now seeking employment (pending a background check).

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