We, as Aggies, are a loyal group. There's no possible way one of our own could ever have done wrong. Therefore, I propose this post to be the hub for the "someone's out to get Johnny" conspiracy theories. So no matter how wacky or off the wall you think your theories might be, this is the place to post them.

My good buddy @stlouis0 on twitter had the following conspiracy theory summarized below:

  • Johnny sends out the cease and desist letter from JMAN2 enterprises in January which pisses off a few autograph brokers (as evidenced by the Bruce Feldman article (hashtagged this would be #BrokersRevenge)
  • In February, autograph brokers decide to get revenge and call Darren Rovell saying that they have "news"
  • Rovell contacts them back starts digging. He gets in contact with A&M. A&M AD officials don't bother telling Sumlin because they think the claims are baseless.
  • Rovell sits on the news in an effort to create a tidal wave of "news", and then he and Schad report on it the day before camp is to start. Coming off of the tail end of a Johnny feature story...the narrative fits and it generates clicks.
  • Schad says he saw a video and states the following (will not link because those folks don't deserve anymore clicks)
  • ESPN heard Manziel say "you never did a signing with me" and that if the broker were to tell anyone, he would refuse to deal with him again in the future. Manziel, who appeared comfortable throughout the video recordings, also said if asked, he would say he had simply been approached by various autograph seekers.

    At one point, ESPN heard a broker ask Manziel if he would take additional cash to sign with special inscriptions, but Manziel declined, indicating he had done that before and it led to questions. The video does not show Manziel accepting cash, which the broker alleges happened three times. The broker told ESPN that Manziel said he wanted money for new rims for his vehicle.
  • "You never did a signing with me"--that's not an indication of accepting cash
  • Personalized autographs cause trouble--that's not an indication of accepting cash
  • The brokers are the ones who said Johnny needed money for rims. We've been able to prove that he didnt in get new rims, and why in the F would Johnny tell them anything about what he was going to use the money for?
  • In the wright thompson article, Johnny discusses signing autographs as a stressor (mentioning that his parents had an entire garage full of stuff for him to sign). The solution was for him to set hard times where he'd sign stuff...limiting it to a few hours a week. Does that sound like the language of a guy who's getting paid big money to sign stuff?
  • Joe Schad could have bought the video, but didnt. So we're supposed to take him at his word.
  • The story is now buried as the 9th link on the College Football page on espn. No where to be found on the first page.

So much about this simply does not add up. I know that y'all are better than me at being paranoid (was that a paranoid statement?) so let's go. Put on your tin foil hats and give us your best theories.

FanPosts are user-submitted, and are not always representative of GBH editorial/staff or any of our opinions. Please don't post spam or self-promotion, because that's not very good bull. Thanks!

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