Should Johnny Have Stayed with Football or Chosen Another Route?

I think by now we are all a little restless and weary from the CFB off season. We have survived 7 months of ESPN and crack ‘sports journalists' stalking Johnny Manziel's every move, pouncing on anything that might be a story or a character flaw (whether any of it turned out to be true or not). I for one am glad that A&M has finally gotten a spotlight in the national media, but I should be careful what I wish for. Instead of trying to prove the world wrong and fight the uphill battle, the Aggies enter the 2013 season with a giant target across their back. No one has a bigger target than our own Johnny Football.

The Texas A&M Aggies began Fall camp on Monday and we are just weeks away from what might be the most anticipated and controversial season ever. I thought the build-up last year was intense with the move to the SEC, but a whirlwind offseason has left the media with its share of doubts and an 11-2 2012 campaign has most Aggies rabid for a NC run.

All eyes are on Johnny Manziel right now in the wake of a highly suspect accusation of accepting cash for autographs. The CFB world is eager to see how the NCAA investigation will fall flat on its face. I don't want to spend time dwelling on something I can't control, but I want to take a look at what might have been for Johnny Football as he came to a crossroads in his life in September of 2012.

I am speaking of course back in a time when JFF could do no wrong and this happened:


Here is my mental *DRAMATIZATION* of the event that took place:


That day Johnny had two choices: finish the season, setting records on the way to an eventual Heisman Trophy and Cotton Bowl victory or commit his life to a higher calling - Johnny SPCA.

Lets look back at the past year and see what would have happened if Manziel had chosen the path of professional animal rescuer.

Shortly after rescuing the kitten Johnny shows a bit of charity by taking this armless dog, named Nate, out for a good time on North Gate:


Just two dogs having their day.

Later in November he heads to Africa with his best friend Tim Tebow for an animal mission trip. Johnny can be seen below rescuing a baby elephant from a dangerous poacher:


News of this courageous act begins to spread and the popularity of Johnny Manziel reaches an all time high. He is awarded the most prestigious award in all of animal rescue and convinces other celebrities to join his cause:


The media adores him and lets him enjoy living his life. He even has time to autograph this kid's cat free of charge:


It is pretty clear that Johnny Manziel was meant for greatness. If he had in fact chosen this path who knows where he would be today. All I know for certain is that he still would have turned down a position with Mack Brown to be an Aggie:


And we always support a fellow Aggie.

Did I miss any heroic animal saving events from the past year? Let me know in the comments.

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