Top 20 Reasons I'm Ready for College Football

#20 - Because Les Miles is going to show up in a post-game press conference this season and tell everyone about his new pet pickle that he named Charles O’Leary, and then 2 minutes later he’ll eat the pickle. Also, this is happening 30 minutes after he went for it on 4th down three times on his own end of the field, and beat Florida 19-17 after his punter faked it and tripped forward for the 1st down to seal the victory.

#19 - Because college football means college bands. And that means fight songs. I’m trying my best to educate myself on the finer tunes from the SEC (I love the LSU band jamming the Chinese Bandits after a big defensive stop). But I grew up in the SWC. Those tunes stir up the most memories and emotion. If I need a little pep in my step, I can hear the SMU horn section on the start of Peruna. If I need to slam a beer and develop a nervous twitch, I can listen to the Tech band play the Red Raider Fanfare. And if I need to get angry and fired up and pissed off, all I need to hear is the Texas band blare out the March Grandioso. And yes, when the Texas band gets that going in front of a great crowd, it’s one of those things I love/hate about college football.

#18 - Because A&M has yell leaders and that’s kick ass cause they lead 80,000 people through the end of the Spirit of Aggieland and there’s nothing greater than that. But also because every other team has cheerleaders and that’s cool too because they’re cute and fun to see on TV. And thank you for the Oregon cheerleaders on my 50" HD TV.



#17 - Because this may be the year when Will Muschamp actually punches an official in the chest, rips out his still beating heart, and then eats it on live TV. And the media will still talk about Johnny going to Northgate instead of this.

#16 - Because I can study spreads and totals, and talk myself into a 3 three team tease involving Arkansas, Washington State, and BYU because bourbon is good and its 5:30 pm on a Saturday evening so why not. And also because I’ll have the over on games involving Baylor and West Virginia and WOOOO I LOVE FREE MONEY!!!!

#15 - Because the last couple of years when College Game Day would start and they play the goofy, but lovable Comin To Your City, I would grab both of my kids and dance around the living room with them. And now every Saturday morning in the fall when they hear the song, they come running to grab me to dance, and that’s just awesome!

#14 - Because you can start drinking and partying at 9:30 in the morning with 80,000 of your closest friends and fellow Ags.

#13 - Because of MACtion!! I realize there are some people that don’t understand the absolute joy of watching Central Michigan at Northern Illinois on a Wednesday night. But remember, those are the same people that own the series DVD collection of The Hughley’s.



#12 - Because we get to watch Notre Dame versus Michigan under the lights at the Big House.

#11 - Because I can pop in my Aggie Band CD during game week and blare Noble Men of Kyle turned up to 11 in my truck. And yeah my truck stereo goes to 11 because ‘MERICA!

#10 - Because Lee Corso is my favorite college football personality. He loves college football. He loves the fans, the pageantry, the spirit, the tradition, and the overall atmosphere of a big game on campus on a Saturday in the fall. I DVR Gameday just so I can rewatch his picks and shenanigans to end the show. There's nobody better than Lee.

#9 - Because of The Tailgate here on GoodBullHunting. Yeah I know this is an obvious suckup to the editors, but damn y’all knocked it out of the park last year and I honestly couldn't wait for it to be posted each week. I’m looking forward to more great work this season.



#8 - Because it’s a reminder that the death heat of a Texas summer will eventually dissipate. Hey I like warm weather, and swimming, and hanging out at the lake, but 103 in August does get old after the 20th straight day of it.

#7 - Because I’ll spend most Saturday’s frantically texting all my old college buddies from A&M about the game, trying to reverse-jinx, over-analyze, convince myself of the worst, knowing the entire time I believe deep down we are going to win every single game we take the field, because I’m an eternal optimist for Aggie football. (Except the Fran years. Thanks for trying to kill my Aggie-football-soul Fran.)

#6 - Because the sun has found its home in the western sky and it is now Saturday night in Death Valley.

#5 - Because you've been drinking and watching football for 10 hours on a Saturday and well hello there Mr. Pac-12 9:00 pm game! Yes, I would love to watch Arizona State vs Washington and yes, please more TV shots of these lovely co-eds and beautiful scenery from the West Coast. I'm pretty fired up to see the new stadium renovations in Seattle for U-Dub.

#4 - Because there will be that moment when you realize you bet on Nebraska and the only thing that can kill your bet would be for Taylor Martinez to turn the ball over and GOSH DAMMIT WHY DID HE FUMBLE THE BALL WHEN NOBODY IS WITHIN 10 FEET OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



#3 - Because Bert Bielema is now in the SEC and he brought a 12 pack of Bud Ice tallboys, some Funyuns, the 2005 April issue of Playboy, and "real football" with fullbacks, tight ends, and the Power I formation. And why is Bert passed out on the floor? Oh yeah, its because Bert just saw his schedule this year and they play A&M, Bama, LSU, Florida, and South Carolina. Someone wake up Bert and tell him it’s really nice in Madison this time of year, and please stop peeing in the trashcan.

#2 - Because this off-season has been extremely long.

#1 - Because the Fightin’ Texas Aggies just came off the most enjoyable season in my lifetime, finished 11-2, Beat #1 Alabama in their house, curb-stomped OU in the Cotton Bowl, Johnny Football won the Heisman, we ended the season ranked #5 in the nation, and Kevin Sumlin is ready to lead this program to new heights I could only dream of before now. How’s that for a run-on sentence!!

BEAT THE HELL OUTTA rice!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP!!!!

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