GBH Letters #3: Kliff Kingsbury Answers My Fanmail

We continue our series of GBH Letters with a t-shirt design for Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. He wishes me luck with my Kliff Kingsbury t-shirt line making me think we'll have no legal issues when we hit the streets.

If you haven't noticed, we at GBH really like Kliff Kingsbury.

We've also been known to tweet Kliff regularly, but we claim no responsibility for this:

If you missed the first two installments in the GBH Letters series:

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Back to Kliff. You can imagine my excitement when I opened the mailbox to find a letter sealed in an official Texas Tech envelope. I knew it was authentic because of the wind turbine brag from the Lubbock Post Office.


You can click here to read my letter to Coach Kingsbury and click here to read Kliff's response. I've also copied the text of both letters below.

My letter to Kliff Kingsbury

Dear Coach “The Cool One” Kingsbury,

Congratulations on being named head coach of the Red Raiders. I have followed your career very closely. You were my favorite player and are now my favorite coach. I recorded the Tangerine Bowl vs. Clemson on VHS and wore out the tape watching it 2000 times (estimated). My wife taped over part of the 3rd quarter with Ruben Studdard winning American Idol anyway. The funny thing about that is she was a “Claymate.” She left me for a while soon after that. That is a crazy story, but we are good now.

As a proud supporter of Raider Nation, I look forward to a trophy case filled with conference and National Championship trophies within five years. I have admired your fashion choices since I first saw your photos from the 5 Stack photo shoot here in Houston. I was an applicant to the Fashion Merchandising program at Sam Houston State. Please beat them this season (my revenge game)!

Speaking of fashion, I have designed over two dozen (24+) custom shirts for what I am tentatively calling the “Cool One Collection.” These designs are unlicensed, but I am not selling them yet. My brother peddles unlicensed Houston Texans blankets and scarves near a gas station on Highway 6, but I will not join his operation unless you say it is OK. I’ve included a sample design and will appreciate your feedback. You can see that I incorporated your signature Deep-V neckline with a letter “K” design. It will be black and red but color printing is expensive. I am open to sensible suggestions.

I will so appreciate an autographed t-shirt, glossy photo, or even cocktail napkin. Personalize the message as you see fit with my monogram G.B.H. My friends call me “G” with a hard G sound. Thank you for taking time to read and respond to my letter. Let’s consider renaming “Guns Up!” in light of today’s political environment. What about “The Double Fonz?”

Fashionably yours,



Coach Kingsbury's Response

G. B. H.,




Letter from Kliff Kingsbury

No t-shirt received.

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