2013 Chalk Talk for Women

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Last Thursday, I made the trip down to Aggieland for Chalk Talk, an annual ladies football clinic put on by Coach Sumlin and football staff supporting Pink Alliance, the local B/CS Breast Cancer organization. I hadn’t heard of the event until seeing EZ’s live tweets last year, and swore I wouldn’t miss out this time around. Take my money, take my sleep, I need Aggie football and I need it now –all while benefitting a great cause. Sidenote: if you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

Walking into the Zone club, my friend and I had no idea what to expect. As soon as we stepped off the elevator, we quickly realized we were with 800 of our closest friends. 800 women. Cash bars. Coaches and players milling around the room, eating up the attention they were getting from aforementioned 800 women. This was going to be fun. With drinks in hand, we started checking out all the room had to offer: a silent auction and raffle benefitting Pink Alliance, Heisman and Cotton Bowl trophies photo ops (yes, take $20 more of my money), and dinner being set up. Mind you, driving down we placed bets it would be Slovacek sausage and Double Dave’s – unfortunately it wasn’t, but I’ll take Texas Roadhouse rolls any day of the week. August 31st will be here soon enough to get our fill of sausage… silver platter – you’re welcome.

The night started with a Football 101 session presented by the coaches, then moved onto tours of the locker room and new weight room (drool), a Q&A forum with 8 players, and concluded with football drills on Kyle Field. I’ll pause a minute while you soak up that itinerary sent down from heaven.

Some highlights from the night:

  • Getting a taste of an Action Jackson workout - my hips now start to ache just looking at a hurdle
  • Meeting GBH’s favorite shark, Toney Hurd Jr.
  • Learning all the inside football lingo ("GATA") …and also that the go-to celebration dance for women is the "rodeo"
  • Ben Melena when asked how they’re going to follow up their explosive first season in the SEC: "Well, we had two losses and it really left a bad taste, so we’re ready to get back out there." These guys seriously never stop grinding.
  • Photobombing Coach Sumlin’s first vine posting experience
  • Discovering my calling as a receiver – probably not first pick as QB or kicker
  • *Not* goofing around in the locker room and *definitely not* trying on helmets

One of the best aspects of the night was the simple fact these guys knew who their audience was and completely played into it. Coach headshots photoshopped onto shirtless firefighters’ bodies? Check. A naked mannequin in the locker room showers? Check (shout out to the TAMU equipment guys for that gem, let me know if he’s single). It was awesome to see the football staff simply having a great time giving us an inside look at what they {and we} breathe from August to January. For someone who loves Aggie football, the night was equivalent to a 5 year old’s trip to Disney World and you better believe I’ll be back next year at the front of the line!

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