Johnny's Fake Tattoo: Tip of the Iceburg?

Coach Slocum was sporting twin fake barbed wire bicep tats as early as 1999

Is the fake tattoo phenomenon limited to Manziel? We took a closer look.

The Internet has blown up recently with the photo of Johnny Manziel on Spring Break sporting a Texas Longhorn tattoo. The tattoo has since been confirmed as fake. However, in our extremely thorough investigation, GBH has heard speculation that fake tattoos are not unique to Johnny within the football program. Apparently a number of players and luminaries also secretly sport fake tattoos. Ever seen AD Eric Hyman in shorts? No. That's because to do so he would have to remove the meticulously-applied leg sleeve tattoos containing all the lyrics to Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind album.

Here are a number of other famous figures who have embraced the fake tat craze:

  • President R. Bowen Loftin: fully-encircling neck tat of a bowtie worn under clothing.
  • Cornerback Deshazor Everett: calf tattoo of an 19th-century British whaling ship.
  • Offensive Tackle Jake Matthews: tattoo of T.C.'s chopper from Magnum, P.I. on left shoulderblade.
  • Head Coach Kevin Sumlin: full-on chest tat of Purdue Pete.


  • Safety Floyd Raven, Sr.: detailed drawing of Edgar Allan Poe on inside of right arm.
  • Linebacker Steven Jenkins: disturbing Bible verse from Revelations followed by a picture of sunglasses with the caption "deal with it" on left bicep.
  • Defensive Coordinator Mark Snyder: skull-and-crossbones. He moves it around as he sees fit.
  • Running Back Ben Malena: Waffle House letter-block sign on back.
  • Wide Receiver Malcome Kennedy: "Malcome Makes Catches Over the Middle" in script with a picture of a smiling Frankie Muniz beneath it on his stomach.
  • QB Coach Jake Spavital: face tattoo of Zorro mask, worn from roughly mid-May through mid-July.
  • Offensive Guard Jarvis Harrison: Three Rev Moon, complete with lightning, on the back of his neck.
  • Defensive Lineman Julien Obioha: small, full-color ankle tattoo of Papa Smurf.
  • Radio Announcer Dave South: few know that the Voice of the Aggies occasionally enjoys putting a Red Dragon tattoo on his back.


If anyone feels inclined to provide photographic evidence of any of these or more, please feel free to do so in the comments.

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