Daily Bull 2.12.13


Check in here for your daily scoop!

Lady Bouncyball is rolling and ranked #11. The Aggies took down #15 South Carolina on the road Sunday to go to 19-5 on the season. Their only loss this calendar year was on the road to #6 Kentucky, and they kick off a three-game homestand on Thursday against Florida. Coach Blair has this team firing on all cylinders right now. Gotta be the dance moves.

Speaking of which...Stewade will be back this week with a special/normal non-MSPaint version of Good Bull Bouncyball. Check in to see who's making a frantic comeback in the wagers section (HINT: IT'S ME.)

He said he was looking for Porter? He said he was Porter. Lucas Jackson kicks off the last of the Senior Spotlight series with a terrific homage to Sean Porter. ColoradoAg will be following with his favorite player later this week. I'll bet you can't guess who it is!

Steven Godfrey and A&M Compliance officer Brad Barnes team up to answer every recruiting violation question you ever had, and then some others on top of that.

Recruiter of the year. BOOM. Of course, we knew this already because we can see his Gmail Inbox, but it's nice that everyone else knows too.

Who else was paying close attention to Johnny Football this past season? Oh, just a guy named Bobby Petrino. (He's that famous motorcycle rider.)

"I tried to stay involved as much as possible with what was new. What was Johnny Football doing to get Texas A&M in the end zone so often? It was really just trying to make sure I didn't miss anything."

Baseball, baseball, baseball. jzimmermann11 builds on his extremely comprehensive pitching preview with Part 2 later today.

GIG 'EM BROOMSTICK CREW WHOOOOOOOP. I don't really fully comprehend what a quidditch is but we're #1 BABY. S-E-C! (Am I doing this right, quidditch foks?)


Eric Legrand continues to inspire. (Legrand was paralyzed making a tackle in 2010 and has done nothing but defy odds ever since.)

Oregon State has a new logo? (NSFW but not because of the reasons you think.) This has to be Phil Knight just saying "eff it" at this point.

Les Miles invents a new word, Tweets to himself for an hour. If Jason Kirk's full-time job were just to follow around Les and document his actions, all of our lives would be enriched tenfold.

GIF OF THE MILLENIUM OF THE...day? There are many phenomenal things going on in this simple picture, but if I may point out my favorite part, look at the banner right behind Kirk. Bless you, Shutdown Fullback.


via oi48.tinypic.com

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