Q&A with Rock M Nation

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ColoradoAg and I sat down over Internet turkey for some back-and-forth with the always-welcome CapnCribbs from Mizzou's SB Nation site.

CA: Do you miss beating the shit out of Kansas?

RMN: Yes and no. There was so much to that rivalry and a major part of being a Mizzou fan was growing up to hate kansas. With roots dating all the way back to before the Civil War, it was hard to just give up on that part of history and move on. That being said, I don't think we miss playing them as much as we originally thought we would. The SEC has given us plenty of reason to care about every game every week, and there are plenty of natural rivalries already beginning to form. Seeing those red and blue clowns leave Arrowhead with frowns was pretty damn sweet though.

CA: Tips for Ags traveling to Columbia?

RMN: Feel free to come on over to Rock M Nation and ask advice on different things to try. Mizzou fans pride themselves on the fact that Columbia is an amazing college town with a lot to offer. My suggestions are Booche's Burgers, some of the best damn little sliders you'll ever have in your life. Shakespeare's Pizza is a local legend, and you'll have to stop by the downtown location to see the Liquor, Guns, and Ammo sign inside. Flat Branch has the absolute best beer I've ever had from a microbrew, but I haven't necessarily traveled the country tasting beers so take that for what it's worth. Ask our community for other suggestions for sure.

Dr. NC: How are Mizzou fans handling the success of this season?

RMN: Well, at first it seemed like there was still that stupid cloud hanging over a lot of the fans' heads that something bad would eventually happen, and the SC loss may have let them feel justified. Since that happened, it seems like that feeling is behind us and we're moving on to bigger things. With a shot to win the East, the SEC, and possibly still make the NC game (with a lot of help), the attitude has shifted to a sense of excitement about the program and the direction it's going. Recruiting has picked up, and I think Mizzou fans expect the success to continue into the future.

Dr. NC: You guys are playing for the chance at an SEC championship berth in year 2. (We had our big year last year.) How satisfying is it for Missouri now when addressing Big 12 critics who thought the move was a bad idea?

RMN: It. Is. Sweet. The fact that the success came so quickly really helped after the pain of last season and being able to look at the state of the Big 12 right now makes me extremely happy we made the move. It always feels good to look back and realize you made the right choice, but after all the nasty stuff we heard on the way out this is extra sweet.

Dr. NC: If the chips didn't fall for you and you end up in the Cotton Bowl, who would you most like to play? (Sorry, Kansas is not an option.)

RMN: The fact that kansas isn't an option is JUST fine by us. I think beating up on Oklahoma would be pretty satisfying, personally I held as much disdain for them as I did Nebraska when they were still in the league so the chance to hand it to them one more time would be a nice little bonus. That being said, I hope it doesn't come to that because there are big possibilities still out there for this team.

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