Daily Bull 11.21.13

Chris Graythen

Let's get swampy

WOOOOOOOOO! Ric Flair has a welcome message for Johnny Manziel.

RECEIVER. HEISMAN. GIVE IT TO HIMSumlin took up for Mr. Evans as a man who rides second to no one as the best player in college football. Alas, the Heisman is kind of a dumb award voted on by way too many people who shouldn't vote and they just look for QB's and RB's. We see you, Mike. Johnny isn't in the race without you.

NEVER FORGET: FLORIDA POLICE ARE STILL FLORIDIANS. It was confirmed through DNA testing that Jameis Winston and the girl accusing him of sexual assault had made contact back in January. Before you go all pious-internet-Aggie and decree a Heisman for #2 remember this is America, by God, and there is still a lot to figure out. What's really deranged in the story is what is going on in the Tallahassee Police Department. Apparently the TPD and the DA aren't pals and the DA was kept out of the loop on this story for some time. Meanwhile, the accuser's family is saying that the TPD told the girl that she should think "long and hard" about pursuing charges in a football-crazed town. That's all kinds of disgusting bullshit if true and Florida continues to Florida.

LES MILES LIKES JOHNNY. When asked about the most improved aspect of the A&M offense, Miles said he thinks it to be Johnny. WARNING: link is to al.com which is the newspaper equivalent of a few shitfaced old men on a porch muttering "roll tide". If you dare, dive into the comments on some of their college football articles. How do these people have computers much less the ability to kind of type?

GONNA NEED SOME MORE HATEHere's more info on New Kyle. Grab the sledgehammers, gang. Sounds like we're going to have to make the new Barn look a little meaner. I shudder anytime "Cowboys Stadium" is uttered by the architects and construction team. MORE BARN LESS BIODOME.

2014 FOOTBAW. The full 2014 A&M football schedule was released yesterday and Fletch has you covered on commentary. It's full of all the yawners and tomfoolery you'd expect. Arlington, Rice, SMU, Louisiana Monroe, LAMAR. What the hell are we doing? Is it to much to ask for some series against say, a Pac-12 or B1G program? I don't give a damn if it's Washington State and Minnesota. Just give us a new, interesting road trip now and again.

Make it a great day, Ags. To prepare for Saturday, I recommend wind sprints (with bourbon breaks instead of water) and AC/DC on loop.

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