Crashing the SEC coaches' Halloween party

Forget Johnny Manziel, what did the SEC coaches wear for Halloween?

You probably didn't know that each year the SEC football coaches gather for a huge Halloween bash. It's one of the many perks of being in the best conference in America, er, I mean, 'Murrca. But just like every Halloween party, some coaches take their costumes more seriously than others.

Props to Fletcher Massie for the photoshop assistance.

The weird thing about this one is that Saban didn't even intend to come in costume. He just crawled on Finebaum's shoulders for fear of being trampled.


Give credit to Mark Stoops, he knows his audience well. Nothing gets Kentucky fans more excited than seeing Nerlens Noel, even if it's a middle-aged, white and slightly overweight Nerlens Noel.


Mark Richt dresses as an internet meme...doesn't get the irony.


Spurrier talked a lot of shit about how great his costume was going to be, so we actually got really worried when he didn't show up. We eventually tracked him down at an old folk's home screaming at a bottle of Keystone and threatening it with his driver. We still haven't decided if this underwhelming and confusing episode was senility, or if he was going as Jadeveon Clowney.


Mizzou's Gary Pinkel sent a not-so-subtle message to his critics with this year's costume.


Arkansas coach Bret Beliema brought along his wife, Jen, as usual. Jen is dressed as Beavis and... well Bret doesn't appear to be wearing a costume.


In a bit of a give up move, James Franklin dresses as former Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. He was immediately sacked by the A&M defense.


Auburn coach Gus Malzahn got creative and dressed as his doppelganger Dan Beebe, complete with Big 12 podium.


Dan Mullen unfortunately couldn't make the party. Dan is an extremely religious man who doesn't celebrate Halloween. Plus, he had already volunteered to man the bounce houses at his church's fall festival.


Will Muschamp won the award for most topical costume, dressing as former FAU coach (and apparently drug user) Carl Pelini. Though I do question how Muschamp was able to get a hold of FAU logo gear so quickly.


Hugh Freeze has a bit of word play fun as "The Grover." Get it? Because he coaches at Ole Miss...and Ole Miss has "The Grove?" See what he did there?


Les Miles busted out the ol' trusy corn dog costume, but the biggest chatter of the night centered around the fact that he wasn't wearing a hat.


Butch Jones is new to Tennessee, so we should cut him some slack. But come on, he should have known this wasn't the Smokey he was looking for.


So what did Kevin Sumlin dress up as? He had so many options open to him. He could be the dog that he encouraged all of us to get, he could enter on an elephant, or maybe even spoof Johnny's Scooby Doo outfit from last year. But he didn't do any of that....

He went as an NCAA violation, duh.


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