Vandy Tailgate Playlist: I'm Hanging Off the Cliff


Welcome everyone. I'm just going to put this out there. I am angry. I thought my Battered Aggie Syndrome was buried last year with KDS jumping all over it's wretched grave. But wouldn't you know it, around 6:15 PM on October 19th my old friend came back around with an effing vengeance. I don't want to be that Aggie. I am a good Ag, but since I attended school through the Fran and Sherman administrations, it's hard to not revert to old habits. But, I am back I have maroon glasses on and I have a whole pitcher of the Kool-Aid made with a little bit of back up.....


So here we are in the land of God awful modern day country music. Townes, Hank, Bob and Merle would punch any modern day Nashville country artist in the mouth and then step on their throat. To put it simply Nashville country is my least favorite genre of music. Now I don't blanket the whole thing, and their are gems out there, but you just won't be finding it on this weeks playlist.


I rest my case.

Other then those tards above Nashville has give me a lot to work with, and seriously this was a lot of fun finding new bands and listening to some old tracks I had kind of forgotten.

Unfortunately the only real memory I have of Tennessee is when our mighty Fightin' Texas Ags played the Vols at the Cotton Bowl. I have never hated a song more then I hated Rocky Top that day. But, this is not that Tennesee school, this is a bunch of fancy smart kids playing in the SEC. You go Vandy, and you go Glenn Coco. I hope everyone has a wonderful early morning game, those in CS stay hydrated. Think positive, I am a good Ag, we are a good team, I am a good Ag...Happy listening, happy tailgating.

Click Here for Vandy Tailgate Playlist

1. No Games- Rick Ross & Future

Listen to this and try not to get angry/fired up. I went Ben, Trey and Tra just blaring this starting at 5 AM Saturday morning

2. Thickfreeakness- The Black Keys

Everyone loves the Black Keys, listen to some early stuff

3. Burn- Usher

Born in Texas but grew up in Chattanooga , also what College Station will do if the unthinkable happens

4. Ain't That Lonely Yet- Dwight Yoakum

Oh Dwight, the one true shining diamond of the Opry still

5. Clampdown- The Clash

C'mon defense just do it one week. I miss good defenses, I miss Joe Strummer

6. Wine Tilt- Plainclothes Tracy

Knoxville band that has only one EP, a good Ep, and a revolving door of memebers

7. She's a Buddhist, I'm a Cubist- Lushlife ft. Cities Aviv

Ambient rap out of Memphis? Sure why the hell not

8. A Shoulder to Cry On- Glossary

Yes, this Murfeesboro band stole the horn line to 'One in a Million', but this song is fun

9. Heartbreaker- Cherub

Nashville checks in with the funkiest f*cking song on the list

10. Home is Not Places- The Apache Relay

Nashville is eclectic to say the least, don't hold it against the guys for opening for Mumford

11. So Much Pain- Star & Micey

Memphis holds true to their bluesy roots, all about that soul

12. Hell I Wanted- Stone Senate

I feel like I would really enjoy seeing shows in Nashville, just good ole fashion southern rock here

13. New Union Tune- By Lightning

Nashville is killing it this week, these guys are like a southern Hold Steady and I love them

14. Pimp Decisions- A.J. & the Jiggawatts

Soul music from Memphis just kind of makes sense, and who doesn't want to make pimp decisions

15. Cloud of Strange- The Dirty Streets

I guess only two cities really exist in Tennessee, Nashville and this band's hometown Memphis, more solid rock

16. Fire and Dynamite- Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

Drew sounds like an upbeat Ryan Adams, these guys are really big in the southeast I hear

17. Stay Fly- Three 6 Mafia ft. 8Ball & MJG

8Ball & MJG are from Memphis, and everyone loves this song

18. Relax and Take Notes- 8Ball & MJG

You sample Biggie, you make the list

19. Nightshift- Commodores

You knew it was coming


Look at Lionel's amazing everything

20. Tennessee- Arrested Development

I absolutely love this band, I think a lot of you saw this one coming

21. Over the Cliff- Old 97's

As the title of this post reads, I am still hanging on, I don't want to fall back off. I've been on that side of college football for far too long

22. Cashin' Out- Pollie Pop, Ca$h Out (Chopped & Screwed)

Ben and Johnny bring it back




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