Auburn Tailgate Playlist: War Damn Voltron!!!


Tigers that turn into something that flies? Auburn is Voltron.

And we are back. Holy crap was last weekend more than I could handle. I am pretty sure that the greater area of downtown Denver now hates me, but man did I have fun. So this week we are going going, back back to Cal..aww shit Bama Bama. It just doesn't have the same ring. Tell 'em Chris


I have a little bit of a love towards Auburn since most people and the media see them as little brother to the Big Crimson Monster in Tuscaloosa. Growing up an Aggie I know the feeling of having some ass-hat school hogging all the spotlight. But I digress, time to make fun of y'all a little bit. Did you know it is illegal to sell peanuts, on Wednesday, after Sundown in Lee County Alabama. That is way to specific a law. Something weird had to go down...

Also Rocket Science was pretty much born in Alabama. Not at Auburn, but y'all can claim it any way.


That seems about right.

Besides top notch lernin' Alabama does have some pretty kick ass music. Last time in the playlist we delved into more of the country side, this week is all about the rock. I was surprised at much good new music I found this week, so kudos to you Alabama.

It's good to be home boys, unfortunately my tailgate this week will be in the big D as I start the wedding season out right, as drunk as possible. So let's kickback, enjoy some football and try not to have another effing heart attack this week. Y'all be safe, happy listening everybody!

Click Here for Auburn Tail Gate Playlist

1. Here We Go- Bassnectar

I am always going to try to pump you up with the opening track, Bassnectar is awesome at doing that

2. Devices- Vulture Whale

Obviously this Birmingham band follows the Auburn mantra of combining random ass animals

3. Slip Away- Clarence Carter

Oh Muscle Shoals Studio you produced some of the best, this is the best song about a man asking a woman to cheat on her husband.

4. Hey Jude- Wilson Pickett

Another Muscle Shoals production, Mr. Picket, covering my favorite band and he absolutely murders the "Na Na Na Nas' at the end

5. Sunsphere- Dexateens

Sorry Auburn, big brother in Tuscaloosa is all up in your business

6. Close Your Eyes ('til It's Over)- Trust Company

Middle school Emo me, makes me absolutely love this sonf

7. Left, Right, Left- Drama

Drama can't rap to save his life, but dammit I love this song

8. The Only Reason that I Know- Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil

A band out of Muscle Shoals the town, and they are damn good

9. Robin Hood- The Great Book of John

They took their name from a Hank Williams song, thumbs up there

10. Ain't No Stranger- Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Another Birmingham band, what is going on down there?

11. No Regrets- Pusha T

First new song in the playlist, Pusha T likes weird noises

12. Shot at the Night- The Killers

Killers are great at anthemic rock, thank the Lord they finally remembered that

13. Empty Carz- El Cantador

Mobile is bringing some Indie rock

14. Something New- The Pollies

Montgomery band that backs up for the Alabama Shakes sometimes

15. Blow Ya Back Out- Attitude

Birmingham's pride and yoy right here

16. Alligator (Passion Pit Remix)- Tegan and Sara

Get your dance on, best twin lesbian band ever

17. No One Love Me & Neither Do I- Them Crooked Vultures


18. Beautiful- Kings of Leon


19. Damn- K. Michelle


20. Save Tonight


21. Kids- Mikky Ekko

Couldn't leave y'all with that one, so this is a fun one to remember our youth

22. Shimmy Shimmy Ya- Ol' Dirty Bastard



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