Ole Miss Tailgate Playlist: IT'S A TRAP!!!!!


Oh it is so wonderful to be back in this virtual world where people sometimes read my ramblings. Everybody pumped and ready for this one? I know I am. I remember last year's game very, very vividly. It included a mix of Jameson and me cursing at that "GD freshman QB, that our new savior coach just had to play," Hot damn! We ended up winning a thriller, and it converted me to the church of Manziel. So are headed for round two? I don't think so, but let's look at Miss-ah-sip-ah through the wonderful world of music. Oh and the hipsters can't come this week, why........


Mississippi is a plethora of, well, mostly blues. Pretty much all of the greats hail from the delta. You can completely lose yourself down the rabbit hole just looking up and listening to some classic Delta Blues. Trust me I found this out over the past few days. But before we dive into this weeks list let us look at few fun state laws in the Magnolia State:

It is illegal to teach others what polygamy is.

A man may not seduce a woman by lying, and claiming he will marry her. (no word on the 'roofie colada' though)

and my personal favorite

Mississippi’s "Anti-Bloomberg Bill" will restrict towns and counties from regulating nutrition labeling

The Hospitality State will not ever regulate your 128oz Big Gulp. Suck it Yankees. I hope everyone, has a fantastic weekend. I will be cheering the mighty Ags from atop the mountains at the Great American Beer Festival. My twitter might be worth the price of admission alone this weekend. Happy weekend y'all and happy listening.

Click here for the Spotify Ole Miss Playlist

1. Clutch- Electric Worry

Always need a kick in the ass to start it out, this week some good old fuzz-rock

2. Elvis Presley- Suspicious Minds

You knew the King was going to be on here

3. B.B. King and Eric Clapton- Hold On I'm Coming

Two of the greats, Mr. King and Lucille hail from Itta Bena

4. Afroman- Crazy Rap

One hit wonder? Oh no this native son of Mississippi used to play the Ole Miss chapter of my fraternity regularly, A2B boys

5. Jack Ingram- Biloxi

I may not like Jack all that much, but this is by far his best song

6. Sam Cooke- Twistin the Night Away

If you follow my playlists at all, you probably have seen I have a severe soft spot for soul music. Sam Cooke, born in Clarksdale, left us too soon

7. Big K.R.I.T- Country Sh*t (Remix)

Meridian, Mississippi stand up, and Houston native Bun-B makes this track so much better

8. Rudimental- Waiting All Night

Here is your weekend banger, UK radio is so much better then the states

9. Balance- Swagger Jackin'

Hey Rebels, listen to the lyrics

10. North Mississippi Allstars- Shake 'Em On Down

Not all the blues out of Mississippi was made prior to 90% of the Good Bull Hunting's main demorgraphic

11. Albert King- Born Under a Bad Sign

One of the "Three Kings", born and raised in Idianola

12. John Lee Hooker- Whiskey and Wimmen

John Lee had Mississippi figured out way before any of us

13. Bass Drum of Death- Velvet Itch

Hey Oxford, glad y'all could produce something for the list

14. David Banner- Like a Pimp (Remix)

David banner was inducted into the Mississippi Musician's Hall of Fame, I'm impressed and appalled all at the same time

15. Charley Pride- Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone

Coming out of Sledge Mississippi the smoothest country singer of all time

16. Uncle Tupelo- Graveyard Shift

Best band with a Mississippi city in their name, not from Mississippi

17. Mississippi John Hurt- Candy Man

I get angry listening to how amazing John hurt can play guitar

18. Danny Brown- 25 Bucks

Something new to mix it up here, plus I really dig Danny Brown

19. Mountain- Mississippi Queen

It was inevitable

20. Gary Clark Jr.- Don't Owe You a Thang

This is what the Delta bluesman inspired, I cannot thank them enough

21. Robert Randolph & the Family Band- I Need More Love

Nothing to do with the south, just a fun song

22. Capital Cities- Farrah Fawcett Hair



23. Blues Company- Chanel No. 5

My friend always told me you knew you were getting close to Oxford because it smelled like bourbon and Chanel no. 5, he was dead on

24. The Yayhoos- Dancin' Queen

I love an off the wall cover

25. Sleigh Bells- Sing Like a Wire

Their new album is great, and just as loud as ever

26. CHVRCHES- Mother We Share (Remix)

I received some nice feedback from including these Scots last week, now remixed by another Scottish band

27. Basement Jaxx- Raindrops

This song reminds me of my bartending days back in College Station. Cheers!


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