Lamenting the Loss of a Rivalry

I am a Longhorn supporter.

I became one at the time of my birth.

Aggies would most likely refer to me as a T-Shirt fan.

I am perfectly fine with all of the statements above. I didn’t write any of that as a mea culpa or as some kind of weak attempt to get people riled up reading the rest of this article.

However, in the interest of full disclosure, I do feel it necessary to provide a sufficient, yet brief, background of the author. I have known, and respect, the people behind this site for years now. And I only wish to reiterate and expound upon ideas which some of you may already know…but of which some other readers may be woefully unaware.

Ok, now that all that vocabulary is out of the way, let’s talk some football!

Thanksgiving, like any other meaningful annual event, is ultimately associated with the traditions of that particular time of the year more than the impetus behind the original celebration. An obvious exception being ACTUAL anniversaries. Whereas the burnt orange nation seems to be lacking in the “tradition department,” Aggies certainly understand the value and importance of sustaining some semblance of repetition throughout generations.

And that is why all the Longhorn supporters I respect are saddened this year.

My last trip to Kyle Field was with my buddies from High School, several years ago (well, 4 Texas QBs ago). We watched from seats that seemed to tower above the flat Texas plain as far as the eye could see. We felt the stadium oscillate almost 18 inches once the students began to cheer. I’ve told this story in much richer, and sometimes much drunker, detail to people who don’t understand how impressive the 12th man is. Trust me, after 4 years of attending school in the SEC…convincing idiots from Dixie that there really were other rabid fan bases in the country, I got pretty good at telling the tale.

I have abbreviated it here because y’all already know what I’m talking about. The problem is…most Longhorns don’t.

Within 3 and a half years, there won’t be any undergrads in Austin that have tailgated before a Texas/Texas A&M game (insert “super senior” joke here). Within two and a half years, the ones that saw the last game at Kyle will be on their way out (repeat joke here). It’s sad. The game may have been played on a Friday, Saturday, or back to Thursday itself, but it was always planned for. Always elevated above other activities. Always there.

And now what? Texas/TCU? I live in DFW, and I can tell you that this gets me as excited as new Honey Boo Boo episodes. What? I’m going to have to gather all the purple-clad, wart-spreaders around my table like some pathetic “’Twas the night before Christmas” scenario and explain how important this game needs to be? I can’t. I won’t. I already had 118 years of history with another team. I already had the longest-running, in-state rivalry. I don’t anymore. And I’m sad that once this “new rivalry” begins this Thanksgiving, I will be required to say, “Gather round, gather round children…

…Ok, first of all, how many of you know who LaDainian Tomlinson is?” I already miss the Aggies…

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