Q&A with Red Cup Rebellion

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Each week that we have a real opponent scheduled, we conduct a Q&A with bloggers covering the other team. We made an exception this week and decided to interview Red Cup Rebellion anyway. You can follow the man behind the answers @RedCupRebellion. See our answers to their Q&A here.

What is your preferred pre-game cocktail? Preferred post-game cocktail? Preferred brand of gameday dress shirt?

For pregaming, I'm almost exclusively a beer drinker. When I do drink liquor on Saturdays, it's usually neat or with a bit of ice. So I don't necessarily have a pre-game cocktail of choice. At our tailgate in the Grove, we have mixed manhattans, mint juleps, margaritas, and martinis before, so I'll have to say any of those. I am a big fan of bourbon when it is cold and tequila or gin when it is warm.

As far as the gameday dress shirt, I'm a Brooks Brothers man through and through. Gameday polos are a whole different ballgame though. I like both the Nike and UnderArmour polos with the Ole Miss script logo because they're lightweight, breathable, and double as a nice bit of Ole Miss swag one can wear to the driving range.

Who is your favorite Civil War General?

Of all of America's major wars the Civil War is the one I probably know the least about. I know a lot about the political situation of that time, as I find Lincoln's presidency really interesting, but about the war itself I'm admittedly quite poorly versed. I'm more of an American Revolution man, myself.

What did you think of the whole "Admiral Ackbar for Mascot" thing?

I loved it for what it was. I actually know the guys behind that (a lot of people thought it was me - it wasn't, and I would definitely take credit for it if that were the case) and I can say with confidence that it was never a true campaign in earnest. The whole thing was a satire of the mascot controversy that nobody intended to ever gain the steam it did. I must say though, from my perspective it generated some really good publicity for Ole Miss. The media generally saw it as this sort of geeky, folksy grassroots movement which I thought came off well for Ole Miss.

Which is the skankiest Ole Miss sorority?

Eesh, I could get in big trouble if I answer that. How about this, to spare myself the wrath of good friends and ex-girlfriends alike, I'll say the least skankiest sorority is either Chi Omega or Delta Gamma. You can let your imagination run wild from there.

Where do you feel Ole Miss matches up well against the Ags?

The answer is easily the Ole Miss wideouts versus the A&M secondary. The receivers have played well against every team they have played. The quarterbacks though is another story altogether.

What is your score prediction?

Ole Miss 33 - TAMU 40. I really want a Rebel win, but I'm not sold on our defense's ability to stop Sumlin's attack. Of course, I'm also confident in our ability to score.

What is the most popular bourbon in the Grove?

Makers Mark would be my guess. It's an everyman's bourbon with an air of elegance. It's sort of like driving a newer Chevy Tahoe. It says "I'm not exactly piloting a Benz here, but at least it's not a Daewoo."

The state of Mississippi produces a decent amount of football talent. What does Ole Miss need to do to keep those kids at home?

Win. Beat Mississippi State and compete well against the SEC. That isn't to say they need to win the SEC championship or anything, but they need to give Mississippians a reason to stay in Mississippi and, in doing so, choose Ole Miss over Mississippi State.

How do you poach kids out of Memphis, Louisiana, etc.?

The Memphis area is ours to lose at this point. A lot of Memphians don't really identity with the University of Tennessee, being that it's literally on the complete other side of the state and in a region which is culturally very different from the Mid-South. Ole Miss has a legacy of successful football players from the Memphis area and Hugh Freeze himself got his start in Memphis, so as far as recruiting goes we should be doing quite well there.

Louisiana's a bit tougher though. If a guy from Louisiana has an LSU offer, you're almost not at all going to get him to leave LSU unless you're USC, Texas, or Alabama (and I'm thinking of very specific cases where that has taken place when I give those examples). People that grow up in Louisiana want to be LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints. The only way you're going to get a guy from Louisiana is to hope that high school ball in the Pelican State has a surplus of talent at a particular position, something which isn't all that uncommon. Let's say, for example, that LSU has room for two scholarship defensive tackles in a recruiting class. Now let's say that the state of Louisiana has four SEC caliber defensive tackle recruits. You "poach" those guys by going after the ones LSU didn't offer.

Is Bo Wallace Scottish?

His name says Scottish, his hair says Swedish, and his hometown says Polish, but Bo Wallace is an American, and he has the pickup truck to prove it.

Do you have another good receiving threat besides Moncrief?

Yes, but none of them have displayed the consistency of Moncrief. Korvic Neat, Ja-Mes Logan, and Vincent Sanders have all had good performances for the Rebs, but Moncrief is the clear number one target.

We really like Hugh Freeze. Is he playing a lot of new faces? Does his plan seem focused on short term or long term results?

He is playing a lot of sophomores and freshmen, but that could be systemic rather than stylistic. This roster is heavy on underclassmen so he is having to rely on a lot of newer, younger guys. I also believe that he is planning for the long term, and let me give you a good example of that. Our quite capable punter for the past couple of seasons, Tyler Campbell, is redshirting this year. That means that Jim Broadway, a walk-on, is taking his snaps. The idea is that Broadway is good enough to be serviceable at punter, thus giving Campbell yet another year in the system to improve and set up our special teams to be one of the conference's better units next season.

Have you considered kidnapping your own mascot? (props to Col. Reb for making it on the field last week)

I have not. I think the planning and implementing of such a kidnapping would be far too time consuming and distracting from more important things. And I have no idea how the fugitive Colonel made it onto the sidelines. I did hear that he was escorted out of the stadium after his mug got on television, so we'll see. The folks behind that, by the way, are a rogue group of diehard Colonel Reb supporters who show up when and wherever they can wearing the mascot costume. It's like the Guy Fawkes mask for Anonymous, but far less meaningful and notorious.

How did you like those Longhorns?

The game sucked. Well, our defense did at least. The offense and special teams played about as well as expected against the Horns. We did have a lot of their fans at our tailgate before the game and they were largely agreeable. They did, however, mention several times that we were "soooooooo gonna hate the Aggies" when they come to town, so do what you can to not prove them right.

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